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Fuji Cable Lock 10*180Mm - Combo

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FUJI Cable Lock 10*180MM - Combo

FUJI Cable Lock 10*180MM - Combo
Type Locks
Size 10 x 180 mm


A Polyester string will give you more spin, control and durability.

A Synthetic/Natural string will give you more power and feel.

A thinner gauge (17 or 18) will give you more feel and spin.

A thicker gauge (15 or 16) will give you more durability.


Most common tension range is around 55 lbs.

Higher Tension = Better control, less power, smaller sweet spot.

Lower Tension = Less control, more power, easier on the arm.

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Question: What is the Fuji cable lock made of? Is it kryptonite?
Question By: Carole Schlangen on Aug 25 2016 1:44 AM
Answer: Hi, it is made with iron wiring with plastic coverage and it is not a Kryptonite.
Answer By: Sameer, Sports Expert on Aug 26 2016 1:53 PM